You have made it. You crossed the Floating Bridge of Heaven and reached the pantheon of the kami, Takamagahara. The whole place is enshrouded in light, flowers and thin clouds. As you walk to the gate, the light intensifies. Its too bright. You can't see. You decide to step away from the gate and admire it at a good distance. If you're a child of Amaterasu, you can walk to the gate as you're very less affected by light. When you reached the gate, an invisible force hinders you from walking past the gate. This means you mustn't be here, as this is the home of the gods. But you managed to see the inside of Takamagahara. It was so beautiful. Flowers, light, clouds, mountains and green fields surround the place. You could live here. But unfortunately, you can't. You decide to go back to Camp. But don't tell anyone what you saw and where you went.

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