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This user's character is a child of Toyotama-hime
Marceline 'Marcy' Yamagashi
Heyo, why don't you get away from me?
Daughter of Toyotama-hime
The Silent Musical Tsunami
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Toyotama-hime - Mother

Unknown Father - Father

Toyotama-hime's Cabin - Half-Siblings

Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Red
Height 5'6
Affiliation Camp Izanagi
Weapons Kunaii's
Species Demigod
Home Toyotama-hime's Cabin
Quests More to Come


She's sorta silent and dosen't really talk much. She loves to surf, swim and stay at the beach though. She's like an onion, loads of layers to go through to understand her. She loves to play on her bass guitar cause she learnt herself. She also tells if people are lying or not.


Marceline was found in a box that Toyotama-hime put down infront of an adoption center. She never knew her real parents and she was always alone. She met some boys though and they created a band and an rich old couple adopted the band members. Soon they became famous and toured around the world, she felt like she could do anything with them.

Soon they all became close and the band became world-wide famous. The band kept practicing and working hard, but soon Marceline found her dad. She found him in China and soon Taiwan. Her father kept his identity secret and made a lie that he was her uncle. She loved him and she left the old couple and her band for awhile to spend time with her father. She loved it.

One day she was walking around the mansion her father lived in and she found him with a key necklace which said 'UNBROKEN' on it. But soon he cached her looking at it, but soon he heard a loud crash. He told her it was a axe bass, use them wisely and carefully. But a monster came up a demigod named Amu Hinamori arrived just in time to save her and her father. But he died and his last few words were 'I am your father.'

Marceline rushed out of the mansion and it burned down all she had left was the unbroken necklace and she never spoke much ever since that happened.



Name Relation Feelings
Unknown Father Father *Keeps silent*
Toyotama-hime Mother Nice parenting 'mother'
Miyuki Senso Best Friend She's nice and cool...
Other band members Best Friends I miss them...
Other children of Toyotama-hime Half-Siblings Meh...
Amu Hinamori Friend She's cool...I guess

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