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This user's character is a child of Kanzeon
Kaori Shimeji
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Child of Kanzeon
Gossip Queen
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Kanzeon - Mother

Akino Shimeji - Father

Kumi Uchida - Step-Mother

Kanzeon's Cabin - Half-Siblings

Status Alive
Eye Color Black and Brown
Hair Color Black and Brown
Height 5'6
Affiliation Camp Izanagi
Weapons Kunaii's
Species Demigods
Home Kanzeon's Cabin
Quests ...


Kaori has black and brown hair that changes. She appears serious usually and wears anything that matches her. She's 5'6 and is a goth.


Kaori loves to gossip and eavsdrop for some reason. She's one of those silent but violent types, she's a great fighter and is a bookworm. She used to be the comedic funny girl but now she's the shy and silent type. She can be nice sometimes but everything depends on the situation.


Kanzeon met Akino Shimeji in a book store. They both fell in love but Akino was married to a model named Kumi Uchida. Soon Kanzeon was pregnant. She told him to tell her that you were going to go to the adoption center to adopt Kaori. Akino agreed and told that to Kumi and she buyed it. When Kanzeon left Akino would always remember her because of Kaori.

Kaori grew up quickly as a comedian. She loved comedy and read LOADS of manga to do with comedy. But when Akino and Kumi started fighting that's when she stopped laughing. If something funny happened she laughed and usually when she did something funny infront of her parents they'd call her an idiot. Soon when she was 15 she went up to them and told them this...

"Your both idiots." she shouted at them

"We are not Kaori!" they both shouted back

"You keep complaining about the same thing over and over again!!!!" she shouted

That day she ran up to her room and felt more relaxed and continued to be a comedian. Just a few weeks later her parents died in a car crash but a camper took her to camp but Kaori question him a lot about where they were going.

When she arrived she was claimed by Kanzeon


Name Relation Feelings
Kanzeon Mother (No Comment)
Akino Shimeji Father ...I love him...
Kumi Uchida Step-Mother Meh
Ji-Yeon Young Best Friend She's nice...I guess.

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