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Hessa Mitra Tep
Character Information
Titles Daughter of Sukuna-Biko-Na
Gender Female
Race Demi-god
God Parent Sukuna-Biko-Na
Status Alive;single and looking
Age 14 and 3/4
Birthdate May 10, 1998
Birthplace Japan
Family Sukuna-Biko-Na, Cassia Tep (mother)
Affiliations Camp Izanagi
Weapon/s Sword
This user's character is a child of Sukuna-Biko-Na


Cassia Tep was a nurse in a Hospital in Japan. One day she was sitting down taking notes on something when she met Sukuna Biko Na. They fell in love and had a child in which Cassia named Hessa Mitra Tep. When Hessa was born Sukuna left. Sukuna told Cassia to tell Hessa that Sukuna had died. Cassia was confused and worried but trusted Sukuna so she did.

Hessa went to a private school in Japan and surprisingly got fairly good grades. She had many friends and could be considered a popular girl and the leader of a clique. One day when she came home she saw a man proposing to her mother. The two didn't notice her coming in. Her mom said yes and Cassia was shocked and surprised. She burst into tears and went up to her room. She was depressed and unhappy. Then the man who proposed said he was "Harry Kilarai" a kind man and also a basketball player from America. Harry was kind and Hessa soon grew to love him.

On Feburary 14th was the wedding. Hessa served as the flower girl. Everything was running smoothly. The family moved into a large mansion with lots of flowers and fountains. Then one day Hessa's bestfriend Tessa said that they were demi-gods and Tessa was there to bring Hessa to camp. Hessa didn't believe her but went with her anyway because she liked Tessa. When they got to camp Hessa believed Tessa. Very quickly she was claimed by Sukuna Biko Na.


Kind, occasionally stubborn, modest, smart


Name Relation Feelings
Sukuna-Biko-Na Father Why do they always expect us to know this?!
Cassia Tep Mother She's nice
Harry Kilarai Step-father He's cool
Natsuko Hikari Best Friend I really like her and she's really fun.
Kukai Souma Friend He's nice but way too serious


Natural straight black hair which sometimes changes to be curly and short, chocolate brown eyes, 5'6

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