This page is about how all the kami and the world came into shape and form in the world of Camp Izanagi.

Formation Edit

In the very beginning, there was only chaos, and the entire world was a singularity of this chaotic mass, nothing distinguishable. The chaos had sorted out and all the pure elements and essence and matter of it had formed the outer layer, a membrane to an egg, and in the center of the egg was the impure and dark elements and matter. The outer layer of the shell was light and masculine and floated up to create heaven. The much more heavy yolk was impure and dark and feminine, and sunk to become the earth. The earth and sky had a connection that had linked both, the kami of the earth and the kami of the heavens. The kami had decided to have children and so they had generations of male pairs, until they had Izanami and Izanagi, the receptive couple, "the ones who invite". They were tasked with making the earth habitable. Izanami and Izanagi stood on Ame-no-Ukihashi, the floating bridge of heaven and looked down at the earth.What they saw was a constantly shifting black and impure chaos, that needed to be solidified. Izanagi took a jewel-tipped sphere and dipped it into the earth. When they pulled the sphere out, a drop of the fluid had collided with the water and solidified into the first island of the world. The two gods had decided to get married and have children. They performed a wedding around the pillar between the heaven and the earth. When they had seen each others faces, Izanami had spoke first in greeting. When they had their first two children, the first was deformed and so was the second, the imperfect island of Japan. They sailed the two gods off in a small boat. Izanagi and Izanami asked the earlier gods what they did wrong, and the gods had told them that the man must speakk before the woman in marriage. They did as they were told and gave birth to the kami of the eight perfect islands of japan.

Death of Izanami Edit

After giving birth to the kami of the eight perfect islands of Japan, she gave birth to the kamis of waters, winds, rocks/stones, trees, and rice. She eventually gave birth to Kagu-Tsuchi, the incarnation of fire, which burned her so badly that she had died. Ianami was so angry with Kagu-Tsuchi that he cut him up into peices that became volcanoes. From the blood drops sprung several kami. Izanagi could not accept Izanamis death and so he ventured to Yomi to look for her. When Izanagi found Izanami, ot was too dark and she had stated that

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