Talk PolicyEdit

  • No message/s must be deleted or archived wrongly. If you don't know how to archive, ask an admin to either teach you how to archive talk pages or let them do the archiving. This goes for a 24-hour block. This rule also covers removing warnings.
  • Hence the name, you may not use it for roleplaying or profile creation. The block varies on the severity of the rule breaking.

Signature PolicyEdit

  • It should not contain any content that is not suitable for all users like obscene images and words.
  • Sizes may vary, but too large sigantures grounds for a reminder to the user to change his/her signature.
  • For talk bubbles, only use five tildes (~~~~~).
  • For messages, use four tildes (~~~~).
  • For user identification, use three tildes (~~~).
  • Steps on creating a custom signature:
    • Go to your preferences page.
    • When you find the signature box, check the tick box to use wikitext.
    • Enter the coding of your signature.
    • Save your signature.

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