Remember: Minor roleplaying take place on the comments and quests and training on the page.

Roleplaying Policies

  • First, NO GODMODDING. Your character can't sink the whole Japan with one wave or storm or make the world explode. Even though you have god-like powers, you can't go as far as your god parent's powers. Control your powers and use powers only destined to you. No use of other god powers. Your godmodding post will be deleted.
  • Second, NO BUNNYING. Only control your character and your character alone. You can't control other's character. You have your own and they have their own. Your bunnying post will be deleted.
  • Third, BE SPORT. If you're the short-tempered one, control your emotions. Don't take insults and conflicts personally. Its a part of the roleplay. Its your character that the other character hates, not you. Just keep coming up with a good comeback.
  • Fourth, LANGUAGE. Keep it PG-13 or lower. Even the actions your character makes, keep it in that range. Face post deletion when an admin sees it.
  • Fifth, NO INTERRUPTION: The roleplay pages are made for roleplaying and only for roleplaying and not OOC (out of character) messages. If you want to send OOCs, go to chat or leave a message on the receiver's talk page.
  • Sixth, IT SHOULD HAVE REASON. Your roleplay must be according to the last roleplay or to the story/objective. It is also like emotional godmodding. You can't just love someone you hated since the last minute or earlier. It should have some process before they become in good terms. This also goes for nonsense roleplaying.
  • Seventh and last, LET OTHERS REACT. At least make the opponent or your ally to act in the situation. Don't act solo, let others join the fun.

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