Chat Policies

  • Keep the language PG-13 or lower. No sexual discussions.
  • No threats and insults, whether it points out to normal user or admin.
  • No flooding and words with single letters on one line only. Example:
    • H
    • E
    • L
    • L
    • O
  • No vendettas. If you don't like what others say, just IGNORE them.
  • If chatmods request a private message with other users, one must not refuse, especially when it is an important matter.
  • No all caps.
  • No asking or giving out personal information. You never know.
  • Topics may be either about the wiki, the subject of the wiki or real-life. Don't just outburst your anger about someone like a politician or any member of the community. Ask others' opinions first.
  • Roleplaying on chat is prohibited. Roleplays must only be put in roleplay pages.
  • Be active, don't just enter the chat and do nothing. You may be kicked from the chat if you become inactive in the chat.

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