Character Policies


First, go look at the starting guide and follow the instructions on making a brief character description for claiming and talk bubbles. When you've got it, go here to make your character claimed or approved by one of the administrators. When it is approved, create a character page.

First, insert this template and fill it out to create a character infobox:

{{infobox character
| name       = 
| image      = 
| imagewidth =
| your character's title/s = 
| gender = 
| race = 
| god parent = 
| status = 
| age = 
| birthdate = 
| birthplace = 
| family = 
| affiliations = 
| weapon/s = 

When you've done that, create your character's descriptions. These can be in any order: Appearance, clothing (optional), history (may be taken from the claiming request you've made), powers, talk bubble (optional), weapons (optional) and relationships (optional). You may also put what quests did they joined to.


  • You have to take responsibility over your characters. If you have multiple characters and you can't handle them all, you may request one or more of your characters and their talk bubbles deleted.
  • Character names must have common sense. They must not be random letters or rude words. They must not also be names of well-known fiction or non-fiction characters like Percy Jackson or Michael Jackson, respectively.
  • Relations to well-known characters (like father or brother), whether fictional or not, is prohibited.
  • Of course, it must be of your own ideas and yours only. No stealing of ideas of others and ideas from popular media and literature.
  • If your character is inactive for two weeks, your character will be deleted. You may go ahead the admins and request your character to be deleted due to inactivity.
  • Characters must be 13 years old and above to join the camp.
  • Powers must be copied from the cabin they are put into. No use of other powers nor powers which are obviously impossible for your character to do. In other words, godmodding.
  • With the same rule as Camp Half-Blood Roleplaying Wiki, the timeline used here are 10 to 15 years after the series so you can't make any description with them on it.
  • If your character is unclaimed for a week, it will be either deleted or given to other users.
  • Remember to put the descriptions under their appropriate headings.

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