Blocking Policies

  1. Don't vandal good-faith edits. Good-faith edits make the wiki great and making them into bad-faith edits will only make our wiki go down. In short, no vandalism on any page. This goes for a three-day block.
  2. No spamming. No irrelevant articles. No irrelevant links. Three-day block will be put.
  3. No blanking. Don't empty multiple pages or blogs in a very short time frame. This grounds for a three-day block.
  4. Don't copy any media or words from another user or wiki. Do have originality. This goes for a three-day block.
  5. Renaming or moving pages with good titles to bad titles is prohibited. This goes for a three-day block.
  6. No character or user insults, especially personally.
  7. Rule breaking in chat is prohibited. If the rule broken is minor, it is a three-day kick ban from the chat. Anything greater than those goes for a two-week block.
  8. Inappropriate names, whether account, character or any page name. It lowers the wiki's quality.
  9. Wrong archiving. Let the archiving be handled by the admins. If you archive a page with wrong processes, you may face a two-week block or less.
  10. No reverting of pages which are previously reverted due to vandalism, blanking or recently deleted due to rule breaking.
  11. No harassing or editing of other comments. Two-week block or less will be put.
  12. Multiple rule breaking goes for a PERMANENT BLOCK.


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